"Thinking the business model of a company from the angle of altruism is to consider it as a valuable tool with positive impact in the lives of people, and especially the most fragile. "

The “Manufacture des Cévennes” plays a crucial social role in employment integration The Manufacture of the Cévennes is based on employees with disabilities in the service of other employees with disabilities. 


This regenerative company aims to take care of the most fragile. Our goal: to preserve humans by respecting common social and environmental well-being.

By buying new products or repackaged products from the Manufacture of the Cevennes, users participate in the insertion of people with disabilities who are sometimes remote from the world of work.


For proof, the company was recognized in 2019 “Company Adapted” by DREETS. It employs 67% of people with disabilities, including over 80% in its manufacturing workshop.


Its approvals offer the opportunity for its customers to register in a citizen approach that boosts their performance in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility (ESG/RSE) while optimizing their contribution OETH (Agefiph / Fiphfp).


As such, the Manufacture of the Cevennes is part of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS), and more specifically in the private sector protected and adapted.

In the middle of the 19th century, the greenhouse, which was just a refuge against a hostile climate, became a controlled environment, adapted to the needs of some plants.


Since 2013, ErgoSanté has built a greenhouse, a human greenhouse. Imagine that, a place where inclusion is simply happening, where a mix of people with disabilities works alongside people with disabilities.