About us

Our history

  • A mission dedicated to health and well-being at work

The history of ErgoSanté has been linked since the beginning, in 2013, to the notion of maintaining the employment of employees with disabilities. The company has gradually evolved towards the design of ergonomic furniture and physical assistance devices aimed at relieving all workers.


Our mission today is to design and manufacture innovative, tailor-made ergonomic solutions to help keep disabled workers employed and prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).



  • Anduze in Cévennes, cradle of our factory

Since its creation, our company has been firmly rooted in the Cévennes Gardoises, a region characterized by a strong identity of solidarity and mutual aid. Our fundamental objective is to actively contribute to the local economy by generating jobs that cannot be offshored.



  • Solidarity manufacturing

ErgoSanté obtained “Adapted Enterprise” recognition in 2019 from DREETS (approval 76 19 024), thus affirming its essential social role in integration through employment. As a player in the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS), it operates specifically in the protected and adapted private sector. This accreditation allows its clients to engage in a civic approach while optimizing their contributions to the Obligation for the Employment of Disabled Workers (OETH).


  • French manufacturing

The “Manufacture des Cévennes” range of products is fully invested in the production of quality products, favoring short circuits and adopting an environmentally friendly approach. For this approach, our Manufacture was honored with the CSR prize for French Furniture and obtained the “Made in France” marking issued by the General Directorate of Customs.


  • A wide range of preventive, curative and reconditioned products

We offer a wide range of preventive, curative and tailor-made seats that are both designer and eco-responsible : ANDUZE, ESPEROU, AIGOUAL.

This offer is enriched with a range of reconditioned, upcycled seats and recycled furniture, as part of a circular approach.



  • A quality service, from R&D to support service

We carefully consider every detail, from research and development to support, to provide you with devices that guarantee an optimal working experience. We provide you with personalized support at each stage of your journey to help you achieve your professional goals.



  • Guaranteed support and quality of service

Our network of agencies and partners guarantees you the same support and the same quality of service. Advice, testing, installation, personalized settings and monitoring are available on request. With the ErgoSanté teams, you have the assurance of being able to speak with a professional who is available and close to you.



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