Inflatable Belomb Lumbar Support

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The inflatable BELOMB lumbar support brings back maintenance and relief. Thanks to its inflatable pocket the user can vary the thickness depending on its needs. Inflatable Belomb lumbar support is designed for office seats, chairs with high back but can also be attached to a car seat.



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The use of an airbag provides extra comfort and allows to vary depending on the desired volume. Inflatable lumbar support Belomb brings great comfort to its user by adapting to its seat and morphology. This particularity allows the inflatable Belomb lumbar support to be used by the largest number on different supports. At the office, the house, on the train, by car and even in a construction equipment, it adapts everywhere and because of its mobility it will become your best companion. Its 3D fabric allows to limit the effects of southing, and it is dehoussable and can therefore be washed. This lumbar support is made of France in the Gard.


Strong points of the inflatable lumbar support Belomb :
  • Keep the lumbars,
  • Adapts to the user,
  • Improves the comfort of office seats with no lumbar support,
  • It is also used on a desk seat, chair or car seat,
  • Helps to prevent back SMS.


Designed and manufactured in France in the Gard
Pocket to fit the user
Adjustable in height
3D fabric to limit southing effects
Setting system by strap
Guaranteed 2 years manufacturer
4 Items

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