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    Giroflex 434 office chair with armrests
    Giroflex 434 office chair with armrests
    Giroflex 434 office chair with armrests
    Giroflex 434 office chair with armrests

Giroflex 434 office chair with armrests

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Repackaged GIROFLEX Classic Office Headquarters black with 1D armrests.



Office seat Giroflex 434 with armrests

Ergonomic and aesthetic, the office seat Giroflex 434 with armrests is among the most trendy chairs right now. This type of office seat is easily adapted to any type of workspace. Indeed, the latter has simple contours and optimized curves. Flexibility, softness and breathability are the words that describe this ergonomic chair well. And all this is thanks to its resilient coating, a very good quality backrest offering incomparable comfort at the seat.

It's good to know that office headquarters Giroflex 434 with armrests is the perfect arrangement between convenience and elegance. Indeed, it is one of the innovative technologies that offer the opportunity to enjoy a more optimized positioning of the body. Its automatism and ease of adaptation also make the advantage of this reconditioned office chair. It also allows to keep every new posture adopted throughout the day. In order to optimize the contact surface, the geometry of the seat has been carefully studied. Thus, the user can enjoy not only a pleasant and dynamic seat, but also a series of possible movements in the seating position. And by the grace of its fixed armrests, the user enjoys a perfectly flexible and serene posture.

Dynamic, this office chair is equipped with a synchronized capital mechanism. For non-initiates, this means that the seat back is connected to the seat in an ingenious way. This makes it possible to obtain effective support that promotes the well-being of the user during these working hours. Thanks to this design characteristic, the adaptation of the seat at the dorsal and basin level will be ensured. Note that this office seat Giroflex 434 with armrests can perform inclinations in order to release the tensions that have mostly been accumulated in sensitive parts of the body.

For the reconditioning of this office chair, it was Antho who had the privilege of doing so at ECOSIEGE. The latter carried out several improvements to obtain such a good result. This involves cleaning and checking parts. Thanks to the optimization and improvement provided to this seat, you can fully enjoy the quality, aesthetics and comfort offered by this office seat to your workspace, at cheaper prices.

Seat Options:

Adjustable back tension

Fabric back

Synchronous mechanism

1D armrests

Work done:


Verification and replacement mechanism

Change of roulette

Verin change

Fabric change




Data sheet

Height-adjustable 1D armrests
Black fabric
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