Used ergonomic seat refurbished HAG CREED black

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Used ergonomic chair refurbished HAG CREED black without armrests

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Elegant and intuitive, this hAG Creed guarantees superior seat comfort to the average. Its intelligent features and user-centred design are a real success.

Peter Opsvik’s innovative ideas have greatly influenced the style and appearance of the range of ergonomic seats HAG Creed. These armchairs have all the qualities so dear to the legendary Norwegian designer: flexibility, adaptability to different postures and robustness. This used chair HAG Creed black does not derogate from this rule. Its back, slightly curved, offers quality support to complex morphologies and camber back. Its voltage adjusts according to the level of support desired by the user.

The used chair HAG Creed Noir is also distinguished by its floating seat and mounted on a decent tip. This unique system allows it to imitate the movements of the body, without moving the entire seat. Only the seat swings with a golden amplitude, thus ensuring maximum flexibility for its occupant. You will feel like floating on this armrestless armchair, without fearing the void. The support offered by the seat and the file is well perceptible.

The floating structure completes the translation of a seat and synchronous mechanism, which offer maximum flexibility to this reconditioned chair. The seat and back accompany your movements when you lean forward or back. To ensure the stability of these dynamic functions, the hAG Creed chair black rests on an aluminium piet, with wheels and footrest.

This office chair lived a well-filled first life, before arriving in the Ecovoie workshops in Anduze. He was proudly repacked by Wesley. Our craftsman thoroughly cleaned it, then checked the cylinder and mechanism. The spring seat with new wheels and all its original features remained intact. The potential of this reconditioned seat, simplistic and intelligent, will be fully exploited in an office or reception area.

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Without armrests
Black fabric
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