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Classic, this is a black Dauphin Speed-O reconditioned seat.

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Dauphin Speed-O

Why not bring individuality to your workstation by opting for the dauphin Speed-O seat ? Sober and classic, this reconditioned armchair is synonymous with innovation, ergonomic design and maximum flexibility. Its exceptional functionality, recyclable to 99%, makes this office furniture a very coveted chair by demanding users.

Elegant and timeless, this black-colored armchair can easily integrate into various environments and decoration styles. Both practical and simple, this office furniture is characterized by a complete ergonomic equipment. This repackaged work seat is equipped with a synchronized mechanism that offers perfect adaptability to the user’s weight. This feature is the axis of strength and movement of the chair. It coordinates the tilt of the back and seat in order to mobilise the joints and adapt it to the weight of the user. It is possible to adapt the visual appearance of the padding of the flat seat and backrest according to the inside of your office.

At home or office working chair Speed-O promotes the activity of your body while you are sitting at your workstation. Its adjustable plastic backrest height will provide you with all the necessary support for everyday life in order to limit fatigue and improve well-being at work. It is also adjourned to let the air pass and flexible to adapt to the movements of the body. In addition, this recycled seat has a seat transfer to reduce the pressure exerted on the back of the knees. This mechanism will significantly improve blood circulation in lower limbs.

This is dauphin Speed-O black reconditioned seat was proudly repacked by our teams at the ECOSIEGE premises. It can therefore offer quality and durability similar to that of a new model. By opting for a ergonomic office chair, you contribute to waste reduction by extending the life of the product rather than acquiring a new one. This promotes a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. He only waits for his new owner.

Seat options:

Sitting translation

Height adjustable plastic back

Without armrests

Synchronous mechanism

Work done:


Verification and replacement mechanism

Change wheels

Verin change


1 Item

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Without armrests
Black fabric
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